The Best Time For A Meal After A Workout!

Proper diet and exercising go together if you want the energy to do the same intense workout the next day. That is why you need to know the best time for a meal after a workout. In this information, we will discuss the best timing for food after a workout and give you some recommendations about food types, so let’s get started:

Food Should You Eat After Workout

It is important to eat food that is easily digestible after working out so that they can give the nutrients which are the most needed in the body. So here are some of the nutrients you must include in your diet to get ready for the next workout.

1.      Carbohydrates:

What you need to eat after a workout are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help you restore your energy in muscle immediately after a workout. Studies showed that the best time for a meal after a workout is 30 minutes.

So that’s why we recommend you to eat food containing a high amount of carbohydrates 30 minutes after training. Those foods are 100% of starch, such as rice and bread; some fruits and milk are also good sources of carbohydrates for your body.

2.      Protein:

If you want to build up lean muscle, you should have a protein food source because it is the most important part of building lean muscle or tissues. Protein helps repair tissue and gets energy from fat simultaneously during the nutrition process. Protein synthesis depends on testosterone levels in our body. So, in case your want to enhance your muscle tissue growth, think of testosterone cypionate for sale.

So the best time for a meal after a workout is within 1 hour so that your body can use the protein more efficiently. You should eat food with about 15-20% protein during this period, such as meat, meat product like eggs, fish, milk, and other high-quality protein food sources.

3.      Healthy Fat:

Healthy fat is a good way to make your body healthy, and working out is the best time to supply healthy fat because your body can use this fat for power.

It is recommended that you eat food with 10% of healthy fat. Those are eggs, avocados, fish, and olive oil. That’s all about the best time for a meal after a workout, so if you want to get energy from food, follow this information.

What Is The Best Meal Timing After A Workout?


Food with proper nutrients is essential after your workout. The food helps you recover the body cells that are damaged due to exercise and gives you energy. In general, it is recommended that you eat food after 1-2 hours because if you don’t eat anything during this period, your body will go into starvation mode and start to store fat instead of burning it. Here is some of the food that is good for your post workouts are as follows:

1.      Fruits And Yogurt:

Fruits and yogurt are very good for you. The fruit is rich in carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants, and calcium, which are important for your body.

2.      Smoothies:

Smoothie is an excellent way to gain lean muscle. Making a smoothie with berries, low-fat yogurt, and milk will better your body cells and give you energy for your next workout.

3.      Green Salad:

This is another wonderful food for your workout. The green salad contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fibers, which are good for your body and can help you gain healthy muscle.

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