Why do you need dog poop bags?


    Just like us, dogs also have their physiological needs. However, we continue to differentiate ourselves in a couple of things, among them is the fact that they do not have bathrooms where they can fulfill their needs.

    That is why, when walking, they take advantage of pooping. As responsible for that life and what you do, you must collaborate with a clean environment, so it is necessary that you are ready to get rid of your excrement and thus avoid that the street has bad odors or that the poop dissolves with the rain and contaminates the waters.

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    dog poop bags

    Come on, it is not necessary that your hands come into contact with this and for that you need special bags for dog poop. They will help you collect the poop of your dogs in a hygienic and safe way, avoiding unpleasant odors.

    A person who has and takes care of a dog, or any pet, is presupposed a little environmental awareness. These bags for canine excrement are what you need so that your dog, apart from giving you love and company, can make your needs without the bag where you pick them up, contaminate.

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    How to choose the best poop bags for dogs?

    There is no difficulty in this, but you have to take into account a couple of things to know that you are choosing just what you need. Beyond just collecting the excrement of your dogs, they can meet certain characteristics such as being strong, odorless or scented, transparent or colored. You’ll see which one suits you best!

    Scented bags

    The benefit of using a scented bag is that it will help you avoid the unpleasant smell that dog poop leaves.


    If you are one of those who dislike feeling the texture of the poop when picking it up, you have to take into account the thickness of the bag you are about to buy. A thick bag will avoid that feeling.

    Bags with dispenser

    Having a dog poop bag dispenser may be your best choice. This will prevent you from getting tangled and having your hands busy, in it you can put the bags and take them out easily at any time.

    Closure and tie

    Ideally, no one will realize what is happening, much less see or smell it. A closure and tie bag is easy to open and will make the process of closing and saving much easier and faster. No one will notice!

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    Can you throw away the toilet?

    If you come home with these little bags, you probably don’t want your trash container to stink. A poop bag that can be discarded in the toilet will be your ally.

    How to use biodegradable pet droppings

    According to the FTC Green Guide, which provides information to companies on how to ethically market environmentally friendly products, “ a brand that makes a claim about the biodegradability of a product must have competent and reliable scientific evidence that the entire article it will break down completely and return to nature … in a reasonably short period of time . “

    In other words, poop bag manufacturers must be able to demonstrate that their product biodegrades as promised. And that is simply not possible for many brands.

    Unfortunately, many poop bags that claim to be earth-friendly or biodegradable do not break down in a year, and some never degrade.

    But it is not necessarily the fault of the poop bag. Even the best scientifically proven biodegradable plastics do not degrade in a landfill, where compression and lack of oxygen lead to the “mummification” of garbage. To get the best results from earth-friendly poop bags, you have to dispose of them properly.

    Due to the controversy over labeling, and the evolution of laws and regulations in each state, some poop bag companies have changed the language on their labels. For example, PoopBags. com no longer includes the term “biodegradable” in its packaging, although it has been proven that its pockets of vegetable poop break down successfully in commercial composting facilities and in a natural environment.

    How not to poop

    I know what you’re thinking: isn’t there just one way to use a poop bag? It is not the way you use it that matters, but how you throw it away. A little more leg work is needed to maximize the ease of use of the poop sack. First, here are some things that should not be done when disposing of excrement bags.

    • Do not throw poop bags in normal trash, where they will end up in a landfill.
    • Do not put them in your garden compost, as animal waste contains pathogens that can be harmful to humans.
    • Do not place them in municipal trash cans, since most of the city’s composting plants do not allow pet waste.
    • For biodegradable poop bags to work effectively, they must be disposed of properly.

    Here some ways to make the best use of pet waste bags:

    1. Use a litter bin for dogs . If there are no options in your area you can make your own at home or in the garden. While pet waste compost should never be used in edible plants, it can be a great fertilizer for decorative gardens!

    2. Depending on where you live, you can throw dog poop in water-soluble garbage bags . Just be sure to check with your municipal sewer guidelines, and never throw pet waste into a septic tank.

    3. Bury him . This option is good if you live in a rural area with space outside the house. Waste should be buried at least 10 centimeters underground, away from orchards and water sources.

    4. Transport it to an industrial composting plant that accepts pet waste . Or hire a waste disposal company that does the dirty work for you.

    Of course, you can also give up the bag completely. Using a spoon or a manual shovel to transfer canine waste from the ground to a compost container, toilet or hole in the ground may be the most environmentally friendly option.

    But let’s be realistic: for those who live and work in densely populated areas, the poop bag is the way to go. We just need to use them correctly.


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