The best Chinese restaurant in your city

Chinese restaurant

Chinese cuisine has its own secrets and is popular today around the world. In Beijing and New York, in Paris and London, numerous cafes and restaurants thrive, serving art and the fruits of the joint efforts of generations of cooks and culinary geniuses – Chinese food. 

Over the past decades, many good Chinese restaurants have opened in Moscow, in which Muscovites and guests of the capital can taste exquisite and unusual delicacies of the national cuisine of the Celestial Empire.

Chinese restaurant

The Jintang Restaurant of Cosmos Hotel is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Moscow, offering its visitors traditional Chinese dishes.

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 Sweet desserts, hot dishes of rice and noodles, seafood, pork, beef, lamb and chicken – in the Jintan restaurant of the Cosmos hotel there is something to surprise the most demanding gourmet.

Among the chef ‘s specialties are Jintan fried carp, trout in sweet sauce, fried shrimp skewers, Szechuan style lamb and much more.

Elite Chinese teas are offered to guests, including fragrant fruit Chinese tea, the famous drink with an invigorating taste and unique tonic properties.

Chinese cuisine has a three thousand year history. During this time, the process of cooking and eating overgrown with numerous rituals and became a real art.

Chinese restaurant

 And in the Jintang restaurant, as in any good Chinese restaurant, you can not only experience gastronomic pleasure, but also touch the ancient Chinese culture. 

Table setting and serving order, staff clothes, music that sounds during meals correspond to the old ceremonial and complement the pleasure of breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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