Seafood for your beauty and health


Scientists have long been convinced that people who regularly eat seafood are less likely to suffer from excess weight and a variety of diseases, they feel good, have better memory, and their mood is fine.

 It’s all because the marine life absorbs everything useful that the ocean carries in itself like a sponge. And since the composition of sea water is very close to the composition of human blood, it is clear that all the minerals we need can be found in a plate with shrimps or mussels.

If you list all the elements that are rich in the inhabitants of the sea, you get almost the entire periodic table. But the most important thing to mention is iodine. 

It is very difficult to find it far from the sea, which is why modern people suffer from its shortage and are forced to drink iodine-containing drugs and use iodized salt.

 Iodine is very important for the normal functioning of not only the thyroid gland, but also the brain: its acute deficiency in childhood, for example, leads to delays in intellectual development. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, natural immunostimulants and antidepressants, are equally important for our health.

Laminaria for intelligence

Seaweed, as this seaweed is often called, is unprepossessing and its taste, as Arkady Raikin said, is specific

But it is wildly useful: only 30 g contain the daily norm of iodine, which most of the inhabitants of regions far from the sea are sorely lacking. And there are more minerals with vitamins in it than in “earth” vegetables – any of cabbage, carrots or turnips.


Krill for healthy vessels and the brain

Small, up to 0.5 cm crustaceans, which mass together with plankton float on the surface of the sea. Krill is very nutritious and at the same time dietary: protein is easily absorbed, and fat is contained in the form of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help, in particular, relieve blood vessels of cholesterol plaques. 

By the way, these acids in krill are somewhat different in form from those found in fish oil: being not triglycerides, but phospholipids, they are the most important building material for the brain, cell membranes and liver. 1-2 g of krill per day in the morning before breakfast – and the heart will be hardy, the brain is smart, and the skin will be young and elastic.

Shrimp for stress

Itamin B12 – that’s what I have to say thanks to these crustaceans. It is this vitamin that is indispensable for our nervous system, and especially – if you are in trouble at work and in life are in continuous trouble. 

It is B12 that provides us with resistance to stress and excellent sleep. And most importantly, you don’t need much – just eat one shrimp dish a week: it’s not so wasteful, is it?

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Mussels for healing blood

These mollusks have another “trick” – a high cobalt content. It is practically not found in other food products. Cobalt is an element that is part of vitamin B12, without it this vitamin is not synthesized and is not absorbed. 

And it is also the most important link in the processes of hematopoiesis: with its deficiency, few red blood cells are formed that carry oxygen through our vessels. Shortages are easy to avoid – you need to regularly include mussels in the diet.

Squids for night pleasures

This strange creature is not in vain called “sea ginseng”: regular eating of dietary tender meat is very beneficial for male potency. The substances that squid boasts, in general, strengthen a variety of muscles – in addition to intimate ones, for example, also the heart muscle – and all thanks to the enormous potassium content. 

Plus, you can find taurine in it, which improves the condition of the retina – we begin to see better in the dark. And indeed, squid has strong anti-aging properties. For example, it does not allow early gray hair to develop: copper, which is also a lot in these mollusks, prevents this.


Oysters for a surge of strength

Let’s not forget that poisoning them is easier than using the same mussels or squids. So, why are these mollusks so romantically attractive? The fact that zinc, which is very abundant in them, provokes the production of testosterone – the most important male sex hormone. 

Yes, and for women, this “food of the gods” increases sexual desire (and adds attractiveness, because it gives the skin tone, hair – density and facilitates the course of any hormonal storms). 

It has also been scientifically proven that the use of oysters helps prevent the appearance of oncological formations, especially in the mammary gland. And if oncology is already detected, then the substances contained in oysters suppress the mouth of tumors.

Lobsters, crabs and lobsters for strong bones

As a prophylaxis of osteoporosis, nutritionists recommend eating meat of the owners of strong claws 2-3 times a week (it is possible with rice on the side).


 In these inhabitants of the seabed there is a lot of phosphorus, the lack of which makes our skeleton fragile. Calcium, copper, zinc, potassium – all these are “bricks” for bone tissue, and a whole bunch of vitamins contained in tender meat helps to absorb trace elements. 


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