Mini golf near me for a family tournament

mini golf

May holidays are in full swing, good sunny weather and everyone is thinking where to go with his family for a weekend break.

It so happened that a friend of mine invited me and my family to the first mini-golf tournament, in connection with the opening of the club.

I must say right away that before this visit I played golf several times, and then in the game on the phone.

mini golf

I really had no opportunity to play for real, nor, in fact, desire.

GOULF mini-golf is located in St. Petersburg in the city of Kolpino in the OKA shopping center.

If you go into a shopping center, then to find a room, you need to go to the right through the cinema to the corner.

Frankly, my wife and I did not immediately find minigolf.

The room is small, about 10 meters wide by 12 meters in length.

In the corner, there is a place to relax, a small table with chairs. You can sit there to relax, drink some water.

Nearby is a hanger for outerwear.

From the speech of the President of the Golf Association in St. Petersburg, who attended the opening, I learned that golf arose 600 years ago.

Minigolf came to Russia about thirty years ago.

Switzerland is considered the homeland of minigolf.

For the game, they gave me a club and a special ball.

They showed me how to aim with a club on a ball and after that they explained the rules of the game.

After the third hit, I managed to put the ball into the hole on the first track. Despite the fact that the first track is considered the simplest and easiest.

As such, special shoes and clothes are not required for this game. But in order to play comfortably, you need to dress more freely: a T-shirt, jeans or a tracksuit.

The essence of the game is that you need to go through eighteen tracks and score the ball from the minimum number of times.

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Thus, the one who scores the least points wins.

If from the fifth time you don’t score on one track, then you put six on the card and go further to the next track.

I scored 107 points in two rounds. For comparison, the winner managed to score 84 points.

Each track has its own nuances.

I had a passion for children to go through each track and score the first time. Having plunged into the game, I did not notice how two hours passed.

The most difficult track for everyone, and for me, it turned out to be at number fifteen.

This track requires patience and more luck in order to score a ball in the hole.

At the first passage on this track I scored the third time! As they say – newcomers are lucky. But in the second round, it did not work out even from the sixth time.

There are eighteen tracks of varying difficulty on the field.

mini golf

This option is a hit from the side with a rebound, and it is necessary that the ball returning from the slide does not fall into the ditch.

When the ball passes through this hole, it enters the field where there is a second hole and actually you need to roll the ball into it.

There is nothing complicated, but the first time I couldn’t score in the hole.

Ideally, you need to get to the top of the hill where there is poop and then the ball rolls down the gutter into the hole.

In addition, in training before the tournament, more experienced participants told me how to kick the ball, aim and score with a minimum of moves.

n general, for the first time I liked it. We went to the tournament with my wife and got a lot of positive emotions.

After three hours of walking, bumps and bending behind the ball, I felt slight fatigue in my muscles.

If we talk about prices, the cost of the game is 300 rubles per hour.

mini golf

As for the pros and cons:


– a fascinating interesting game that requires primarily patience;

– A new direction in spending your personal leisure time;

– the game produces dexterity, an eye;

– easy to learn the initial skills;

– you can play with children.


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