mellow mushroom sauce soap pizza

mellow mushroom sauce soap pizza

With the increase in culture mellow mushroom cultivation in our country in recent years, mellow mushrooms began to decorate our tables more. Do we really know how to cook mushrooms, I want to share with you the tips of making delicious mellow mushroom dishes.

 Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins and low in fat and carbohydrates. Buddha turns mellow mushroom into a nutrient source suitable for both healthy and balanced nutrition and diets.

Since the culture of consuming mellow mushrooms as a food source in our country has recently developed, our people do not know too much mushroom food. 

The fact that there is almost no mellow mushroom meal on our tables except mellow mushroom sauté and cheddar mushrooms is the most important proof of this.

How to Cook mellow mushrooms

1-How to clean  mellow mushrooms : The most common mistake when cleaning mushrooms is to keep the mushrooms in water for a long time. The mushroom absorbs water quickly, turns brown to cook water-absorbing mellow mushrooms, and the flavor is reduced. This is undesirable. 

After cutting the parts at the end of the stems of the fungus with a knife, they should be cleaned from dirt by using a paper towel. Then water is filled into a large bowl, each mellow mushroom is washed one by one in water quickly and put into a dry bowl. This is the correct form of fungus removal.

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2-Preparing simple foods with mellow mushrooms: I will not describe the recipe at length here, but I want you to know that mushrooms will add a different flavor to the easy dishes that you can prepare.

Eggs and mushrooms form a very good pair. When you add the classic omelette and mushroom into the menemen, you will see that you get a better result than you expect. I will add the recipe for mushroom menemen in the following days.

In many restaurants and parties you will see appetizers and snacks made with mushrooms. The simplest of these is the mushroom with casserole in the casserole and the mellow mushroom with sauce in the classic pan. It can be made simple, easy to make and hot to add a different taste to the table.

mellow mushroom Sauce Preparation

Preparing mellow mushroom sauce and using it in meals can be a good alternative to add a different and exotic aroma to your meals. Especially for meat, chicken and pasta dishes I often use the following sauce recipe, you can try and see the difference.

The ingredients I use to prepare mushroom sauce are:

  • Cleaned and sliced ​​mushrooms
  • Butter
  • Onion
  • Meat Water
  • Parsley

Melt the butter in a teflon pan over low heat to prepare the sauce. Add the mellow mushrooms and finely chopped onions into the melted butter. After the mushrooms have softened, add a cup of broth and open the bottom of the stove.

 When the sauce starts to add a little consistency, add the chopped parsley. When the parsley begins to die, your sauce is ready. You can pour the sauce over cooked meat, chicken and pasta.

Try mellow mushroom with Different Recipes!

I know that many people have not tried to prepare creamy mellow mushroom soup at home, even outside. mellow mushroom soup is a very important meal in terms of both taste and healthy eating.

mellow mushroom sauce soap pizza

Creamy mellow mushroom Soup Recipe:

As described above, clean the mellow mushroom and chop small. Roast onions with butter in a saucepan. Before the onions are thoroughly roasted, add the mellow mushrooms and cook until the juice has absorbed.

 In another bowl, roast the flour until it smells. Slowly add the boiled water over the flour and mix and add some salt. Finally, add the cream to the mixture and mix. Finally pour the prepared mixture over the mushrooms, add hot water and cook for a while.

Many housewives can easily prepare the recipe by adjusting the recipe above.

How to cook mellow mushroom, how to use in cooking, tricks of mellow mushroom cooking I tried to address as much as I can. I hope this article will help us to see a very valuable food source like mellow mushroom on our tables.


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