How to take Free Royal Pass in PUBG? (PUBG Season 11 and 12)


    How to take Free Royal Pass in PUBG? PUBG Mobile Season 11 and 12: PUBG Mobile is a very popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game in India. Recently, the new season 12 of PUBG Mobile has started.

    If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile and want to buy PUBG New Season 12 in Royal Pass Free, then this article is for you. Here, I will tell you the easiest and simplest PUBG Mobile Tricks so that you can take the Royal Pass of PUBG Season 12 for free. If J is there, let us start this article without delay.

    How to take Free Royal Pass in PUBG?

    Nowadays it is very easy to take the Free Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile. There are a lot of ways on the Internet where you can take PUBG UC for free. There are two types of royal passes on PUBG Mobile. Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus.

    • All players in the Elite Pass can take advantage of it like you will get a mission every week and you have to complete it. In this, as much as you have to the point, only then you can get the benefit of something new.
    • In Elite Pass Plus, if you read your money, then you can take the benefit of Premium Royal Pass in it. In this, you get Royal Pass for free and also you get to use the new gift.

    PUBG Free Royal Pass done?

    Royal Pass is the main way for players to get Rewards in the game. Elite points can be obtained in the following ways to increase rank:

    • Complete Royal Pass Daily Mission and Challenge Mission. Elite pass holders will have access to elite missions to rank faster.
    • Weekly challenges complete and participate in events to get Royale Pass Point Cards that grant RP Points.ред
    • Sometimes the opening boxes will also free the Royale pass points.
    • Attend in-game events to receive more free Royale pass points.

    How to get free UC in PUBG?

    The first thing to get free Elite Pass in PUBG is to submit free UC. Here, I will tell you a lot of ways to deposit unlimited free UC on your PUBG account. You can earn Unlimited UC from Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Freeharge, Google Play Card, etc. 

    pubg royal pas

    Upgrade To Elite Pass Free In PUBG Mobile

    As we all know that PUBG is an online server-based game and we can play only after being online, so the most important step to get PUBG in mobile for free is a good internet connection. So go ahead only after you have a good internet connection.

    So the easiest way to get PUBG Elite Royal Pass is to get a PUBG Elite Elite to pass for free by referring your friends and then using that money, so upgrade the steps below to PUBG Elite Pass.

    Trick To Get Royal Pass Free In PUBG Mobile Without Root

    we will show you the easiest way to convert Standard Pub Pass to Elite Pass in Android Phone Will tell But before you start you have to follow some points and pre-requisites, so make sure you follow them all carefully and in addition, we have added some benefits of upgrading to Royal Pass for the upgrade:

    pubg royal pas

    Pre-requisites before you upgrade to Elite Pass for free in PUBG Mobile

    1. This guide is only for Android users, if you are using iOS or any Apple device, we will make separate posts for it, so make sure you keep checking the article for iOS method.
    2. Make sure you have 75% battery on your Android phone
    3. Make sure you have the latest version of Pubg installed on your phone
    4. Make sure you have your PUBG account connected to Facebook
    5. Make sure your device is connected to the internet, if you want to play PUBG without internet, you can follow our guide to play PUBG without internet


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