How To Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins In PUBG Mobile (new update 2020)


    How to get Free PUBG Mobile Skin 2020 – In this era, games can be enjoyed on both PC and mobile phones. There are many games that were previously released on the PC and can now be enjoyed in mobile phones. Now, the most famous game is PUBG or Player Unknown Battleground.

    It should be fascinating to see how massive the players are. One of the most searched topics is how to get free PUBG mobile skins 2020. In the game, the main character has a gun with different skins. However, this may not be so easy.

    No wonder many players are curious about how to achieve this. For your information, this game is developed by PUBG Corporation. Bluehole is a South Korean company that works in the field of video games. PUBG Corporation is its subsidiary.

    Obtaining Gun Skins For Free In PUBG

    Combine Crate Coupon Scrap

    In this way, there should be various crate coupons that need to be collected. The simplest way to get a coupon is to complete daily events. You have to be diligent to attend events. Other coupons can be obtained by obtaining competitive achievements.

    All the coupons you have can be added to access a special number and then redeem them to get free clothes, gun skins, and many more. For your information, there are several options related to coupon redeem. Depending on how many coupons you have, you can get the goods.

    Collect RP Points

    Click Here To Get RP Points

    RP points can be collected by joining the Royal Pass. You will be awarded prizes after becoming a winner. The steps include selecting the RP icon to join; The next is to select missions that will end including daily and challenge missions; And get maximum points. The points collected will give you prizes that can be changed for free gun skins.

    Join A Bargain System

    PUBG has a bargaining system that can help you get free gun skins. First, try to select the items you would like for the Deal menu. Second, tap on the deal option to cut the price of the goods to your end. Third, don’t forget to invite your friends for a bargain.

    It is important to invite as many friends as possible, even after the item you have selected is low or free. Last but not least, discount discounted selected items. Those simple steps can give favorite gun skins for a low price or completely free.

    The above three methods can be applied to obtain free gun skins. Hopefully, this may answer your question on how to get free PUBG Mobile Skin 2020. Those methods are very simple and worth trying.

    While it may take time to collect coupons, points, or friends, it is a good way to improve skills and add more experience. All these things about PUBG Hope it is useful and have fun!


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