Five star pizza the good flavor

Five star pizza

Hawaii’s famous beautiful blue skies, magnificent green mountains, and sparkling ocean waves are well represented in the exciting state capital. Honolulu is a paradise for its residents and a paradise for visitors.

 Here you will find many exquisite dishes of local cuisine and diverse art and culture. If you have a thirst for delicious five star pizza while in the area, Honolulu offers some amazing options: everything from homemade cakes to New York to brick five star pizza ovens in private pans with a local flash. Here is where to find them.

Amina Pizzeria

A convenience pizzeria for families in the Waikiki area, Amina Pizzeria is a beautiful place created by a friendly woman who has established good relationships with many local patrons.

 The owner serves as a cashier, cook, and server, always remaining calm with a smile on his face and providing the best customer service. Delicious five star pizzas made from the freshest ingredients and cheeses, delighting customers of all ages. 

Patrons love affordable prices and home-made pies, a pleasant change from all the fantastic five-star restaurants in the area. Most people like to leave the restaurant, but there is a small seating area in a warm and cozy interior. One of the most popular options is a combination of pizza, with a delicious thick base and generous tasty toppings. 

Five star pizza

 Jj Dolan’s

In 2008, JJ Niebuhr and Danny Dolan teamed up to create JJ Dolan’s, an Irish pizza pub in New York City in Chinatown, Honolulu. Thin crust five star pizza, perfectly crispy at the bottom with excellent combinations, has turned many locals into regular customers and forced many visitors to look for a place.

 The restaurant has plenty of seating, super friendly staff, a great selection of beers and televisions above the bar, perfect for watching your favorite game.

 Favorite dishes include Giacomo with pepperoni, salami, sausage, and black olives, Molto Formaggio with six different kinds of cheese and Deli Meat Special, stacked sausage, capicola, ham, and salamiCustomers love chatting with the owner of JJ, who is passionate about supporting the Chinatown community. The place is extremely popular, especially after

Arancino in Cahal

Arancino at The Kahala is an Italian dining concept featuring classic but innovative Italian dishes. For nearly 20 years, Arancino restaurants have served authentic Italian cuisine at Waikiki, a world-famous center for visitors from all over the world. 

Its recipes reflect Napoli-style epicurean sophistication made with imported cheeses, meats and pasta from Italy, fresh seafood and products from Hawaii farms, creating an authentic but modern Italian restaurant. 

Arancino’s award-winning restaurants have received many accolades from many guests, including high-profile celebrities. Guests can enjoy the culinary creations of Italy through the thought-out menu of Executive Chef Daisuke Hamamoto’s Chef, which includes a wide selection of home pastures, brick oven five star pizza,

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Bar 35

Bar 35 serves the local Chinatown and Honolulu city, offering over 200 brewers, ale, porters, lagers and more from 20 different countries, as well as fabulous gourmet merger five star pizza. The handmade pizza includes flavors from around the world, as well as high-quality ingredients.

 Some of his most popular creations are Smokey Heaven, which features smoked salmon, red onions, capers, cream cheese, and gorgonzola cheese; Deep forest, which includes imported prosciutto, fresh mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and olive oil olive oil, Italian depression with anchovies, Italian sausage and olives; and Sweet Bangkok, which has Chinese sausage, Sriracha and cilantro.

 With a casual but professional crew, people from all over the world will find a home in bar 35, whether they are beer connoisseurs or stop for a quick drink and bite after work. 

The restaurant also offers classic cocktails, as well as some of its own cocktails. With lively local DJs and bands, art events, dancing, beer tasting and an assortment of daily dishes, this always happens.

“Pizza” the big kahuna

The original da-da-da-Bi-Kahuna five star pizza opened its doors in 1993, and the small green shack on Puuloa Road quickly became the only place for “real pizza with local flair” in the neighborhood.

 In 2006, the business moved to a new location in the Airport Shopping Center, and a loyal customer followed. Using the highest quality ingredients available and daily to make pizza, all Big Kahuna pizzas are excellent in freshness. 

Five star pizza

The restaurant prides itself on making its own bread on-site, and delicious five star pizzas, gophers and famous balls of garlic cheese are always ordered. Locals love large serving sizes, fantastic friendly customer service, and cute beach decor.

 All pies are five star pizza with a thick crust, topped with delicious things such as Kalua pork, Portuguese sausage, teriyaki chicken, barbecue sauce and lots of cheese.


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