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Hello dear ladies and gentlemen. Today on our calendars we have Saturday, 2 November 2019, on the First Channel there is a television game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” In the studio, there are players and host Dmitry Dibrov.

In this article, we will consider one of the interesting and complex issues of today’s game. A general article with a full review of the quiz “Who wants to become a millionaire?”.

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 You can find out in it whether the players won something today, or left the studio with nothing. In the meantime, move on to a separate interesting issue of the game.

What did the word “Trump” mean in the famous expression “go trump”?

Trump in the game beats any card of all other stripes. In some games, the trump card is determined randomly: at the end of the deal, a card is removed and laid out on the table face up, not a shirt. 

In those games where all the cards are played (“Fool”, “Burkozel”) – it is put under the deck and taken last, in others it remains untouched.

Trump today

In others, like “preference” or “thousands,” the trump card is assigned by the player who ordered the game. There are games with a constant trump card, for example, the American game Peaks.

  • boots
  • collar
  • a hat
  • caftan

Answer: collar.

The source of the winged expression “To trump (trump)”: a trump – a collar embroidered with silver, gold, and pearls, which in old times the boyars were sewn to the gates of the front caftan. He stuck up imposingly, giving an important and proud bearing to the boyars.


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