Corner shower adjustment for small Bathroom

Corner shower

Under the roofless shower enclosure is meant a bathroom fence made of glass or plastic panels. They are attached to the walls of the bathrooms with their own hands, but some models are attached directly to the floor.

 Many shower corners are equipped with a tray, allowing water to drain and not spreading all over the room, transforming the bathroom into a pool. The advantage of these products is their short design and relatively low cost.

Pros and cons of design

First, consider the main advantages of this product. With a tray, they determine whether a shower corner meets your specific requirements:

  • Firmness. In this case, the two walls of the bathroom behave like the walls of the created stand. You can use a pair of doors or curtains to visually separate the cabinet.
  • Attractive design. There are different cabin sizes in a concise view. The product range is quite wide, and the products will look good in any interior.
  • Usability. The shower stall with a pallet attracts a lot of prices. There is no need to pay a large amount for a few walls and a pallet. It should be noted that the consumables are relatively inexpensive.
  • Diversity. Today, the stores have a wide variety of pallets and walls with various decorative elements. This variety allows you to realize any design idea. The walls may have a glossy or matt surface of glass, plastic.
  • Practicality. It is very convenient to take a shower in this cabin. There are products of various sizes, so you can choose one you’ll be as comfortable as possible.
  • Adapted for children and animals. Children and animals on the corners of the pallet are easy to wash. Special parties allow you to draw water from the shower and turn the pan into a small bathroom. This amount is sufficient to save a child or pet.
  • Reduced water consumption. Many believe that water consumption is considerably reduced after installing shower enclosures. You can verify this yourself by simply comparing your history and new expenses.

In addition to many advantages, this product has its disadvantages. You should take care of them:

  • After selecting the glass walls, you will encounter major problems – the formation of stains, the appearance of stains, stains from detergents, shampoos and touches. If the building to be considered does not receive proper care, its aesthetic beauty deteriorates.
  • When the rectangular design with tray is installed in a small bathroom, this may cause some discomfort as you will probably hit the sharp corners. It is dangerous for both adults and children. You also use the large area by stopping the selection in the rectangular corner palette.
Corner shower
  • The most popular ones are the compact corner shower showers with a tray, but this option is not very suitable for older people. You will only feel discomfort in a small area.
  • Pallets can not be substituted for the bathroom. If you are used to enjoying a bath full of water, you will not be able to replace the shower.

Difference from the corner of the cabin

With the help of the corners, you can project the created design of the room into the bathroom, as they are predominantly equipped with transparent walls, so they come together remarkably with the current situation. 

The shower enclosures have a unique design and shape, so they must be individually selected for the interior of the room.

The cabins are insulated and can be installed in any part of the bathroom. The situation at the corners is a bit more complicated, because in this case there is direct contact with the walls of the room, the room itself and the interior objects should be protected from moisture.

The corners have a simple design, so you can install and remove them yourself without the involvement of professional workers.

However, the functionality of the corners is slightly lower than the showers. The cabins should only be built by experts, as they differ in a highly complex installation. At the same time, the high level of functionality of these products.


Today, manufacturing companies offer customers various versions of the corner shower with a pallet that is different in material. The walls of the corners consist mainly of glass or plastic, so we will consider the most popular materials to create pallets.

Corner shower
  • Cast iron – the most common material for the production of low basement showers. It is characterized by high durability and reliability. The pallet of this material is characterized by a long operating period because it does not lend itself to deformation. The disadvantage is the relatively large weight of the materials, which creates some difficulties in transporting and installing structures. Furthermore, when touched, the iron surface is cold enough and creates excessive noise under water pressure.
  • Steel is characterized by low weight and the cost of products from this material is relatively low. The presence of a thick enamel coating layer allows to reduce unwanted water pressure noises when in contact with the surface. The pallet heats up quickly and takes a little longer than the cast iron models.
  • acrylic Today is a quite popular material that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Acrylic trays are characterized by softness and pleasantness to the touch. It is also very easy to maintain for such products. Acrylic pallet manufacturers produce various models that differ in shape and performance diversity.
  • ceramics – great materials for use in the bathroom. Despite the mass of the pallets of this material, they differ in strength and hygienic qualities. Here, an relief surface is provided due to the reduced risk of slippage in corner showers. The bowl becomes safer in operation. Producers offer ceramic pallets of various colors. The disadvantage of such products is that they are susceptible to strong mechanical shocks and chip formation.
  • kVAR implies a combination of quartz and acrylic. This material did not appear on the market a long time ago, but is actively used in the manufacture of wear-resistant shower trays.
  • Many natural material like stone have different high cost. It is characterized by a purebred micro-layer, pleasant to the touch.
Corner shower

Palette dimensions and shapes

There are several types of pallets that you may have:

  • round;
  • curve;
  • a quarter of a circle;
  • polygon;
  • square or rectangular in medium size and depth;
  • made asymmetric;
  • Trapeze.

Stop the choice of this or that of pallet costs based on personal preferences, requests and design ideas. It is not recommended to take sharp-edged models that can be hit.

Unlike round and round models, square and rectangular cabinets (90 x 90 and 80 cm) take up a lot of space.

There are corner shower structures of different sizes where each customer can choose the one that suits him:

  • 90×90;
  • 120h90;
  • 80×80;
  • 100×100;
  • 80×100;
  • 100×80;
  • 120×80;
  • 70×90;
  • 70×70;
  • 60×90;
  • 120×80;
  • 90×80;
  • 110h80;
  • 90×100 and so on.

Fences and gates

To save space, you can use simple fencing which will serve as a shower angle meter per meter. Instead of complete fencing, they often use regular curtains. Partitions made of durable glass are the most popular:

  • safe (if you use the shower stall carefully, they will not break and can be used for a long time;
  • hygienic (glass compartments do not accumulate pollution and are not easily washed);
  • differs in moisture resistance;
  • have a long service life;
  • Easy to maintain (you only need standard glass washing agents to clean the surface);
  • Therefore, characterized by durability, made of tempered glass or triplex.

The glass can be transparent or decorated in various ways. When choosing between fences, keep in mind that ornamental types need more extensive care.

So many people take transparent or frosted glass fences, because they are easy to clean. Various techniques can be used to create decorative fences. The most common ones are:

  • mop;
  • toning;
  • thermal screen printing.

Other methods can be used to decorate the glass, but they are expensive and are therefore rarely used. Often in a similar design, sliding or movable doors are installed, with pendulums or folding doors less used. There are also those with radii and sliding doors. 

They are concealed with the help of special primers so that the fixing elements of the structure do not violate the appearance of the product. Most of them prefer sliding doors because they are the most affordable and affordable.

The fittings also play an important role in creating an attractive and reliable design. It should be not only beautiful, but also reliable. As mentioned earlier, concealed fasteners are often used and flat fasteners are preferred.

 When choosing between fittings, the preferred products are preferred to European manufacturing companies characterized by high quality. If you do this, accessories can be found for each type of shower enclosure. European products are installed relatively easily, so you can even fix items yourself.


  • Albatross – Italian company that produces a unique multifunctional shower. The products of this manufacturer are characterized by a variety of functions that make the shower as comfortable as possible. Disadvantages of this product are relatively high cost.
  • Appollo – one of the most famous brands in the Russian market that has been producing high quality products for more than 10 years. The advantage of this manufacturer is that it produces both cheap and expensive corners, so you can find a model that meets your needs regardless of your budget. Although these are the Chinese manufacturer’s shower corners, they are characterized by high quality workmanship and are considered the best in the domestic market.

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  • Avita. The products of this manufacturer are characterized by reasonable price. It should be noted that the range is not that wide, there are only a few models, which significantly reduces the selection. The shower corners are of high quality and have a long working life.
  • Braus Germany. The products of this brand meet European quality standards, but their costs are relatively high. This manufacturer has long been a leader in the domestic market. The product range is quite varied. We have models for every taste and color.

In a separate category, it should be attributed to domestic companies that provide relatively inexpensive products that are not cheaper than products from Europe:

  1. AQUANET – one of the most popular companies. It produces various models that can be equipped with various additions.
  2. Aqua joy – in Russia, one of the leaders in producing low-cost shower models, but the range is not very wide.

As advantages of the shower corners of Russian production, it is worth emphasizing:

  • low cost: you can find a model depending on your current budget;
  • ease of installation: designs are made in accordance with the requirements of in-house communication;
  • The shower cabinets from local manufacturers are always in stock and there is no additional charge to transport products from another country.

Installation features

There are many features to install shower enclosures you need to pay attention to:

  • Installation is only required on a flat surface (it is possible to eliminate irregularities by replacing the old coating);
  • if leaking products are intended to be produced, adjacent walls shall be installed on the upper edge of the cabinet;
  • Joints should be sealed to prevent leaks.
Corner shower

The full bathroom comes into the background today and the showers and shower corners are beginning to gain great popularity. 

As it occupies less space in the corner and is characterized by high functionality, the owners of small rooms often get rid of the general bathroom. This is a convenient way to organize the space.


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