corelle dinnerware sets Buy it and manufacturing technology

corelle dinnerware sets

The dishes of the Corelle dinnerware collection are made of porcelain glass. Producer Corel – a company with a worldwide reputation Vitrelle.

 Manufacturing technology is protected by patents. Due to its excellent properties, porcelain glassware has become widespread throughout the world. 

Today, similar dishes using similar technologies are produced not only in the USA, but also in many countries of the world. Why is it worth buying Corelle cookware?

A feature of the industry is the absence of harmful chemical impurities that could come into contact with the products. Due to the special heat treatment, the dishes have an ideal white color.

 In production, three layers of glass are sintered into one at high temperature. As a result, sickles, plates, and Corelle mugs are very thin, almost like bone china, light and very strong. Compared to traditional porcelain, porcelain glass dishes are resistant to chips and cracks.

When special components are melted at a temperature of more than 1400 degrees, a molten liquid composition is formed from which the workpieces are made. These blanks go through several more processing steps, and then are sintered together in a high-tech furnace.

corelle dinnerware sets

 The edge of the dishes is further processed using fire polishing technology. The brand name and other data are printed on the bottom of the dishes using silk screen printing. 

The drawing is applied with health-friendly dyes, which are subsequently also fired at high temperature. As a result, you get magnificent and beautiful Corelle cookware, resistant to chips and cracks.

Corelle (Corelle) is a world-famous brand of the American manufacturer of dishes, founded in 1970, steadily occupying a leading position in more than 40 countries of the world, recognized worldwide for its legendary strength and durability.

 More than half of the housewives in the United States, Canada and Europe use this truly durable cookware. At the Corelle factory, located in the small town of Corning (New York, USA), about 100 million pieces of dishes are made every year, which also indicates its popularity. 

The products of the American brand Corelle have found their niche, offering consumers lightweight and easy-to-care, thin and elegant-looking, impact-resistant and attractively decorated dishes.

 The dishes are produced in several collections, using not only the most diverse designs and colors, but also the various shapes of plates, salad bowls, mugs. Today, Corelle is one of the most famous and popular brands of tableware in the world.

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Corelle cookware benefits:

  • – It is made from special porcelain glass using a unique technology.
  • – Resistance of Corelle cookware to chips and cracks. All natural, safe and made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • – Porcelain glassware is very durable and suitable for everyday and permanent use.
  • – Perfect chemical neutrality, does not enter into any reaction with food. Does not change the taste of dishes.
corelle dinnerware sets
  • – Designed for washing in dishwashers and cooking in microwave ovens.
  • – The drawings are applied using safe paints at high temperatures, which ensures their special wear resistance.
  • – Corel glassware is an ideal choice for everyday use.


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