why does dark circles come out?


    The reasons why dark circles come out are usually tiredness and stress, as well as genetic predisposition. However, there are also habits or certain health conditions that precipitate the emergence of that pigmentation in the eyelid of the eye.

    When dark circles come out we automatically relate it to a bad night’s sleep. Although this is one of the most frequent causes of the appearance of that dark coloration around the eyes, the truth is that it is not the only reason.

    Likewise, the idea that if dark circles come out is very common because a person is sick. While it is true that someone sick often shows that signs on their faces, it is also true that there are completely healthy people with dark circles.

    The question then, finally, is: why do dark circles come out? There are several answers to this question. That dark coloration in the lower eyelids, in any case, is very rarely related to any major health problem. Let’s see.

    What are dark circles?

    Dark circles are a bluish, grayish or purple hue that appears under the lower eyelids of the eyes. Most often, this only happens eventually; However, there are people who present dark circles very frequently. 

    If the dark circles appear on the lower eyelid it is because that area the skin is quite thin and sensitive. It is barely half a millimeter thick, that is, it is five times thinner than the skin of the rest of the face and 10 times thinner than that of the rest of the body.

    Similarly, in the lower eyelids, there is less collagen and that area is more easily distended, due to flickering. All this, together, leads to blood vessel tones becoming more evident than in other areas of the body.

    Bags and dark circles

    Eye bags and dark circles are two similar problems, but not the same. Many times they are confused because they appear in the same area: the lower eyelid of the eye. However, they have different nature and obey different causes, although sometimes they arise simultaneously.

    Dark circles, as noted above, correspond to an increase in pigmentation of the eyelid area. There are different types of dark circles:

    • Pigmented. They have to do with an increase in melanin in the eyelids.
    • Vascular. In these the blood vessels of the eyelid area are transparent.
    • Valley of tears. In this case, there is a very marked groove, which goes from the inner edge of the eye to the cheek.

    The bags, meanwhile, are inflammation or profusion that appears in the lower eyelid. As such, they have no particular coloration. They often arise from the loss of muscle tone in the eyelid, fluid accumulation or herniation of the eye’s orbital fat.

    Why do dark circles come out?

    One of the reasons why dark circles come out is genetic. Simply the eyelid area is more pigmented and this trait is inherited. This is sometimes associated with difficulty in the production of iron in the body. Some ethnic groups are more likely to present dark circles, as is the case with the Mediterranean.

    Other causes for which dark circles come out are the following:

    • Fatigue. It is one of the most frequent causes. Fatigue causes blood vessels to dilate and the fineness of the eyelid skin reflects it more clearly, much more if fatigue is accompanied by stress.
    • Drugs. Some hypotensive eye drops, that is, reduce intraocular pressure, cause pigmentation to appear around the eye.
    • Food is unbalanced. Excessive consumption of salt or foods rich in caffeine, especially at night, leads to fluid retention and affects the appearance of dark circles.
    • Sunlight. The lower eyelids are very sensitive to sun damage. Excessive exposure causes melanin production to activate and dark circles appear.
    • Allergic reaction to a cosmetic. When the skin does not tolerate a certain cosmetic, it could generate reactions such as dark circles. This occurs with products such as concealers or eyeliners.
    • Other allergies. Allergies lead to more segregation of histamines and these, in turn, generate vascular dilation. Also, if there is itchy eyes and they rub vigorously or very often it is possible that dark circles will come out.
    • Fluid retention. Fluid retention is one of the causes of dark circles, as well as bags in the eyes.
    • Hormonal changes. The hormonal changes are not a direct cause of the appearance of dark circles, but generate organic changes as fluid retention, which affect the pigmentation of the eyelid.
    • Aging. Over the years, the eyelid skin becomes increasingly thin and transparent.
    • Other causes. Lack of iron, atopic dermatitis, eczema and decreased fat around the eyes are also causes of dark circles.


    The reasons why dark circles come out are very varied and may differ in each person. However, they do not usually indicate serious health problems, except when they are products of fluid retention or disease. In general, strengthening cosmetic care can help reduce them.


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