The best Cinema cafe menu and how much earn


    The Cinema cafe receives the main income through the sale of their time in the institution. On average, it is 100 p

    per person per hour, well, or depending on the leased hall. Such establishments are attractive, first of all, with the atmosphere and great opportunities to pass the time merrily. In the movie cafe you can:

    • Watch movies
    • Sing karaoke
    • Play prefix
    • Smoking hookah
    • Watch sports broadcasts
    • Play air hockey, board games, including the hit game “Mafia”

    The institution is a kind of symbiosis from popular entertainment venues. This is for you and a hookah, and a bar and a game club all rolled into one. Such an institution can be not popular. Where else can you spend so diverse time in the company of friends and for a ridiculous 100 p in an hour?

    Cinema cafe

    How much can you earn by opening a movie cafe

    If you go to the website of the Lounge 3D movie company, you can see their test online booking system (cafe on Chistopolskaya str. 9 B). So, the weekend booking starts in a week.

     Most popular time: Friday and Saturday evening. Starting from 19:00 until late at night, it’s not realistic to break into an institution without prior reservation – everything is busy!

    Now let’s take it. Suppose we have three small halls and rent them out on average 700 r. in an hour. On the weekend (Friday is also considered), the halls are occupied 60% of the time, that is, an average of 14 hours each.

     In total, it is 42 paid hours per day. On weekdays, attendance is 30% or 7 paid hours. With three rooms, this is 21 paid hours per day.

    Total we get about 210 paid hours per week. Revenue is 147 000 p. per week or 588 000 p. per month.

    Our monthly expenses:

    • Rental of premises (~ 150 sq. M.) – 100 000 p.
    • Salary of administrators (6 people) – 105 000 p.
    • Room cleaning – 10 000 r.
    • Utility costs – 8 000 p.
    • Advertising – 15 000 p.
    • Tea, coffee, sweets – 15 000 r.
    • Other expenses – 20,000 p.

    Total – 273,000 p.

    Net profit is equal: 588 000 – 273 000 = 315 000 p. per month. The amount is good, however, you need to take into account the period of promotion of the business, because high traffic will be only after a few months.

    A step-by-step plan for opening a movie cafe

    The first difficulty is finding a room. It is advisable to find a roomy room of 140 square meters. m. with minimal investment in the arrangement and repair.

     Otherwise, the costs of starting a business, and therefore the payback period, increases sharply. It is also worth looking at transport accessibility and the area of ​​the city. Preference is given naturally to the central part of the city.

    How much money is needed to open a movie cafe

    The second challenge is an investment. At least 500,000 rubles can be spent on the design of premises and furniture. You will need to purchase good tables (on a low leg), high-quality soft leather sofas (so as not to “peel off” after a month), a bright reception desk. 

    cinema cafe

    About the same amount, or even more, will be spent on the purchase of equipment: plasma screens, media players, audio systems, consoles, game sets (air hockey, table football, etc.). Most likely, you will have to spend money on partitions for zoning the space (if the room is not divided into rooms) and working out the lighting.

     And if a hookah is also offered, then to create good ventilation in the room with all the SES rules. Add to this another 200,000 p. Ultimately, an investment of 1.5-2.0 million rubles. will be considered the most minimal.

    What documents need to be issued for the legal work of a movie cafe?

    In order for serious problems not to arise during the work of your institution, you need to resolve the issue with documents that ensure the legitimacy of this area of ​​commercial activity

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    In addition to the certificates of LLC or IE (the choice of legal form depends on the individual characteristics of the business), you need to draw up:

    • permits of Rospotrebnadzor, fire inspection, and SES;
    • premises lease agreement;
    • certificates and invoices for products sold;
    • labor contracts with staff;
    • contracts with suppliers, a security company and companies involved in garbage collection;
    • movie rental certificates;
    • local government permissions.

    An important point! If you plan to sell strong liquor in your institution, you will have to register an LLC and receive a special license for these purposes. In addition to the above documents, no other permissions for the work of a movie cafe need to be issued.

    When preparing an application for registration of a business entity, do not forget to indicate its code – OKVED 93.2 (sphere of recreation and entertainment).

    Tax regime

    Even at the stage of paperwork in the Federal Tax Service, it is necessary to write a statement on the choice of a tax system. The following modes are available for movie cafes:

    • patent (only for IP);
    • UTII (not in all regions, the area of ​​the premises should not exceed 150 sq. M.);
    • STS (you can pay 6% of revenue or 15% of the difference between income and expenses).

    If you do not write a statement about the choice of a tax system, your company will automatically fall into the category of business entities operating on a common basis.

    Finally, the final part is the promotion of a movie cafe. There are many ways, but almost all require corresponding costs. Of the most working ways to promote advertising can be noted on social networks.

    Cinema cafe

     Today, stocks and contests are popular and give a good effect. For example, for joining a group, the client receives the right to participate in the competition for a free one-time visit to the institution. As a result, you gain a huge audience of subscribers (and potential customers, too) in a matter of days and pay only 1 – 3 thousand rubles for this. for creating a competition.

    Another way to promote a cafe is a bonus system to attract customers. Each client receives up to 10% of the spending of friends he invited.

     Money can be credited to the client’s personal account. This method was tested by Lounge 3D cinema and showed its viability.


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