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    When you come to rest in Rome, you want to not only admire the ancient architecture of the Eternal City but also try all kinds of local dishes and enjoy the exquisite Italian cuisine. But at the same time, there is absolutely no desire to pay too much.

     And then most travelers have a question: is it really possible to eat deliciously and cheaply in the very center of Rome, where tourist restaurants are found at every step, mainly with overpriced prices and not very tasty cuisine?

    We bring to your attention a list of cheapest restaurants, bars/coffee houses, taverns, pizzerias, and Italian fast food, where you can eat really good food, at the same time, without overpaying for pleasure.

     We can also advise you on a special tour of gourmets, where you will be introduced to the most delicious dishes of Italian cuisine, of course, with a tasting.

    cheapest restaurants

    Cheap bars and coffee houses in Rome

    In Italy, “bars” mean establishments like our coffee houses. There you can come for breakfast, take an incredibly delicious cappuccino with fluffy milk foam and enjoy fresh and sweet Italian pastries. Here is a list of the most delicious bars to be found in the center of Rome:

    Bar Sant ‘ Eustachio – in this bar you will find not only delicious pastries but also the most delicious coffee in the city.

     And even for those who do not like strong black espresso, we highly recommend trying it here at least for the sake of interest: you will not find such high coffee foam in any other bar in Rome!

    Address: Piazza di San Eustachio 82.
    Hours: 0 7 : 30 0 1 : 30.

    Gran Caffè Dory Bar – this is where you can try not only fresh croissants ( cornetti) with all kinds of fillings but also incredibly delicious cakes that are prepared here.

    Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 254 (5 minutes walk from Castel Sant’Angelo).
    Opening hours: 07: 00-22: 00.

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    Tazza D ‘ Oro Bar is the most famous coffee shop in Rome, where Italians themselves like to go. And if the locals go there, then it’s definitely delicious there. There is a bar right next to the Pantheon, and at the same time, the prices in it are not at all overpriced.

    Address: Via Degli Orfani 84.
    Opening hours: 07: 00-20: 00 ( Sunday 10: 30-19: 15).

    Tasty and cheapest ice cream with desserts in Rome

    We always want to have a sweet one, and certainly, not a single trip to Rome can do without actively eating Italian gelato ice cream and without a good portion of the famous tiramisù dessert.

    Cafe Pompi Tiramisù – if somewhere there is that same real Italian tiramisu, then definitely in Pompi! Here you will find not only its classic coffee flavor but also strawberry, banana, vanilla, caramel and many more variations of the tastes of the famous dessert

    For about 5-6 euros you will get a piece of pleasure. The cafe is a stone’s throw from the famous Spanish Square.

    Address: Via Della Croce 82.
    Opening hours: Sun-Thu 11: 00-21: 30,
    Fri, Sat 10: 30-23: 30.

    cheapest restaurants

    Freezer Gelateria del Teatro –  it is in this dzhelaterii produce super-natural ice cream is made from milk, water, cream, fresh fruit, and sugar. Ice cream is prepared daily, and in no case is left the next day.

     And the process of making ice cream itself can be observed through a transparent showcase from the side of the street, which allows you to monitor everything that happens in the kitchen. Handsome Italians preparing fresh gelato … this is an extremely fascinating sight! Well, the ice cream here is just incredibly tasty, and there are just a million different fillings.

    Address: Via Dei Coronari 65-66.
    Opening hours: 10: 30-23: 00.

    Gelateria La Romana ice cream maker is another place where you should definitely try Italian gelato. Exceptionally natural ice cream of all kinds of tastes from the freshest products and ingredients!

    Address: Via Cola di Rienzo 2.
    Opening hours: 11: 00-00: 00.

    Where can I eat pizza in Rome cheap?

    Come to Rome and not try the main local dish? It doesn’t happen! And if there is a real Italian pizza, then only in proven places.

    Pizzeria pizza é is an absolute must-go place if you want to enjoy really delicious Roman pizza. Large, satisfying pizza, thin, crispy pastry, a sea of ​​toppings, incredible sauce … Here you will definitely find delicious pizza.

    Address: Via di Ripetta 14.
    Opening hours: 12: 00-23: 30.

    Pizzeria Navona Notte – located a stone’s throw from Navona Square, but for some reason, tourists often do not notice this place, as it is hidden in a quiet and pleasant street.

     Apparently, this is one of the reasons why Italians themselves chose this place, and, as we mentioned above, it is worth to go where the locals eat.

    Address: Via del Teatro Pace 44.
    Opening hours: 12: 00-23: 00.

    Pizzeria Pantha Rei –  a stone’s throw from the Pantheon is another delicious pizzeria, which we highly recommend you visit. Calm atmosphere,  delicious Italian pizza from the oven, reasonable prices, what else is needed for happiness?

    Address: Via Della Minerva  19. 
    Opening hours: 11 t0 3

    Cheap taverns in Rome

    When it comes to choosing a restaurant in Rome, we are faced with an important question: where to go to get to a good traditional Italian tavern, and not to a tourist destination with mixed cuisine? We offer you the 3 most optimal options in the very center of the city.

    Taverna La Scaletta – this is one of the most important to visit the restaurants in Rome’s popular district of Trastevere.

     In addition to the cute typical Italian interior, the tavern offers its visitors a fixed menu ( menu fisso ): for 10 euros for lunch and for 14 euros in the evening you will receive a menu of snacks, first, second and dessert (drinks separately). All the dishes are very tasty and of excellent quality.

    Address : Via Della Scala, 8 Trastevere.
    Opening hours : 12: 00-00: 00.

    The Trattoria Antonio tavern is a place where locals themselves like to go because the restaurant offers its visitors not only really tasty and high-quality dishes of typical Roman cuisine but also at reasonable prices.

     What is especially important, given the fact that the tavern is located near one of the main Roman attractions – the Pantheon.

    Address: Via Dei Pastini 12.
    Opening hours: 11: 30-15: 30, 18: 30-23: 00.

    Tavern of The Tavern is 48 – is another place that is a must-visit for every tourist: in addition to the main menu, the restaurant offers a ” fixed Traditional Italian cuisine, reasonable prices, and a very pleasant atmosphere.

    Address: Via Degli Spagnoli 48.
    Opening hours: 11 to 4

    Where to eat fast and cheap in Rome?

    Do you want to see as much as possible in the Eternal City and not waste time on restaurants, but your stomach is treacherously rumbling from hunger? Then give preference to Italian fast food, because so you can have a bite on the go. And of course, no cheeseburgers and fries: only Italian style!

    Mini-tavern Pastificio Guerra is probably the most important tourist life hack, especially for students. Here for 4 euros, you can make a delicious hot takeaway pasta.

    cheapest restaurants

     And in addition, they will give you another glass of water or wine. Every day, cooks offer you a choice of two types of pasta with different sauces and toppings, and every day – new tastes! Well, what is not a find? Tasty, fast, satisfying, and generally difficult to find somewhere else for dinner for 4 euros in Rome!

    Address: Via Della Croce 8.
    Opening hours: 13: 00-21: 30.

    Sandwiched Pane e Salame – this is where you need to come for the most delicious Italian Panino sandwiches: soft, freshly baked bread, a million all kinds of toppings to choose from, nice prices … Tasty, fast and very Italian!
    Opening hours: 12: 00-22: 00.

    Sandwich Il Panino Ingegnoso is another worthy place with delicious Italian sandwiches. And part-time – the eternal rival sandwich, which is mentioned above, because it is tasty both here and there. So choose you! And better – try in both places and compare yourself.

    Address: Piazza di Pietra 35.
    Opening hours: 10: 00-00: 00


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