Tea for weight loss: lose weight wisely or with tea?


    There should be more good people than bad ones – everyone agrees with this. However, women, having gained a couple of extra kilograms, often lose their heads, and after their heads part with money and health.

     Tempting ladies on rash steps advertising offers with promises of rapid weight loss. The most harmless of them seem to be called to drink tea from healthy herbs and immediately prepare for the runway.

    An offer that is hard to refuse

    You can drink tea with lotus and forget about weight problems if you use products brought from the distant Celestial Empire. So say the Chinese manufacturers. After reading about the properties of a magical drink based on exotic plants, the soul breaks from the magnificent body, rushing to say goodbye to it. 

    As part of herbal tea can be both unknown to the Russians Chinese chrysanthemum flowers, and the proven fruits of hawthorn, yarrow, mint, St. John’s wort. Exotic names mesmerize, native ones soothe and inspire confidence. Indeed, what harm can there be from a medicinal emblica, since it is medicinal?

    Moreover, the instructions guarantee, in addition to losing weight, a sharp increase in health. For example, the popular herbal tea “Ruidemen” No. 1 normalizes weight, metabolism, improves immunity, and fights diseases in all directions. The prescription is hundreds of years old, and the traditions of ancient Chinese medicine are behind it. And modern advertising …

    Herbal mixtures “Slimveda” and “Turboslim” boast no less a set of healing properties. Having bought several packages, any woman has the right to expect an amazing metamorphosis. After all, promised not only harmony but also silky skin, shiny hair, strong nails. And most importantly, great, great health. 

    Tea drinking in Russia with the aim of losing weight appeared relatively recently, in other countries herbal tea spread much earlier.

     Why are there so many obese citizens in the United States? Can’t they afford the cost of an effective remedy? Witnesses say that in the first week of using herbal mixtures, 5 to 7 kilograms can be thrown overboard. Still, it is not clear where the fat people come from.

    Tea for weight loss

    Toxins in a friendly crowd

    All companies producing slimming tea insist on the harmlessness of their product. What could be wrong with removing toxins from the body? Laxatives and diuretics in herbal teas really do this. It is not customary to warn that useful inhabitants of the intestine will leave along with toxins.

     An organism polished to shine is without indigenous inhabitants and is not capable of independent full-fledged functioning. Dysbacteriosis is the number one diagnosis for fans of instant weight loss. Potassium deficiency (and it is also exposed “outside”) threatens more serious problems with the heart and kidneys.

    In the future, chronic constipation will be a surprise. If at the beginning of hobby lovers of herbal mixtures look around uneasily and keep close to the toilet, then subsequently their intestines become depressed. Excessive stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract affects, as a result – lethargy of the intestine and isolation. 

    A strong dependence arises: both physical and psychological. The euphoria of losing weight is replaced by irritability, fatigue, mood swings. After the cessation of tea drinking, the frightened fat runs back and settles in favorite places. The action of stimulants ends, the body returns to its shores.

    Weight loss due to the diuretic effect leads to a violation of the water balance. The skin reacts first, wrinkles appear on it. Human skin is not an accordion; experimenting with it will not work with impunity. The body picks up “wet” kilograms right there, the usual figure appears on the scales.

    Doctors play with a tonometer

    Herbal mixtures dull appetite, that’s true. The question is the price you are willing to pay for it. Studies of ingredients that reduce appetite have shown that such drugs are fraught with diseases of the lungs and heart. 

    Doctors who take thinning patients are unconditionally against the practice of lightning weight loss. Arrhythmia is just one of the diagnoses that uncontrolled use of herbal tea will reward you with. In the best case, you will get rid of sudden pressure surges, which is especially dangerous for hypertensive patients. 

    Allergy sufferers carry other threats. Unknown components can provoke a violent exacerbation of the disease.

    Those who carefully store stones in the gall bladder, it is not recommended to try tea for weight loss. Pregnant and breastfeeding such tea is contraindicated in principle.

    If you can’t, but really want

    What about ladies who are firmly determined to take on new shapes, ready to take chances in pursuit of a slim figure? The temptation to squeeze 5 kilograms in one week is great. Everyone knows about the need for physical activity, a balanced diet, but hands are drawn to “effective and harmless” means. 

    First, consult your healthcare provider. Is he fat himself? In this case, if possible, visit a nutritionist.

    Have you already bought nice packages? Take a closer look at information about the country of origin, study the composition of tea for weight loss. Tea certified in Russia is more reliable than imported tea.

    Be aware that herbal slimming teas containing sibutramine have been banned in the US and European countries since 2010. A number of popular brands fell under the ban, as a direct relationship was revealed between the use of their products and cases of heart attacks, strokes, and hypertensive crises.

    An ordinary wellness herbal tea gives a smoother weight loss – up to 1.5 kg per month, but the result is for sure. Of course, if you back up tea-drinking with fitness and a choosy relationship with calories. Erratic relationships with fatty and sugary foods are guaranteed to be crowned with cellulite.

    Green and ginger teas are also good for speeding up metabolism. They also have contraindications, but they are much smaller.

    If you are sure that you can sip just tea for weight loss, mark the date of your start with a red bold circle. You cannot drink this tea for more than two weeks! Do not forget that you are alone.


    A wide range of medicines, dietary supplements, teas for weight loss, can lead to a dead-end buyer.

    To answer the question of what is the best way to use tea, you need to pay attention to the performance of the drug.

    • form of release – first of all, must correspond to the needs of the client. It is proposed to purchase packaged, granular, loose tea. And if packaged has a richer taste, then the two remaining release options can not boast of richness;
    • the composition should not contain artificial aromatic substances, dyes, additives;
    • When buying slimming tea at a pharmacy, you should find out which one is better by reading the reviews left by customers earlier. But remember that they may not be entirely true, you will not achieve the desired effect;
    • Buyers may be offered herbal tea, green, red, yellow. The most popular slimming teas in pharmacies, according to customer reviews, helps to lose weight are herbal and green drinks;
    • the choice is better to stop on a tool that indicates that it is intended to cleanse the body;
    • the best slimming tea in pharmacies according to reviews, for men are drinks made in Japan, India, China, Sri Lanka.


    Phytotea is one of the popular means of helping to quickly put the body in order, the weight seems to melt before our eyes. In this case, there is complete disposal of toxins.

     The characteristic of this drink is that when it is consumed, tooth enamel does not deteriorate. It does not stain, as is the case with the use of black tea. The price is lower than purchasing an analog.

    Tea for weight loss
    1. Fat burning complex “Leovit”. Tasteful, safe to eat. Manufacturer Russia, the average cost is about 300 rubles. depending on the region of purchase. The packaging is designed for long-term use. The result can be seen after 3 stages have passed – cleansing, splitting fat, removing toxins and harmful substances. When choosing a complex, you should not rely on sharp weight loss. Using its weight will decrease gradually. The composition includes vitamin C and L-carnitine, which accelerates the cleansing of the body. The downside of drinking tea is the appearance of hunger. Therefore, it is recommended only for those who can fight hunger and endure the not-so-pleasant smell of the drink;
    2.   “Monastic Tea” was produced on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The price is about 290 rubles. Herbal tea is popular because it produces a complex effect on the human body as a whole. It will restore order in the intestines, relieve toxins and toxins. Guaranteed strengthening of the immune system, lowering blood levels of sugar and cholesterol. Available in the form of large leaves that need to be brewed. At the heart of chamomile, linden flowers, mint. It tastes good. The manufacturer guarantees a weight loss of up to 3 kg per week. The composition of tea is safe, it can even be used as a prophylaxis in the cold season;
    3.  “Chang Shu” – a pleasant aroma, guaranteed to relieve hunger. It is made on the basis of plants that have the properties of purification, rejuvenation, and also help against the “orange peel”. The advantage of the product is that after the course of use, the weight does not return. The cost of such purchase will be about 950 rubles. Recommended by “Chang Shu” by nutritionists;
    4.  “Siberian Swallow – Hibiscus” – when consumed, accelerates metabolism. Suitable for people who have problems with overweight, overeating. It will help strengthen immunity, improve blood circulation. As part of the Sudanese rose and lit Senna, with laxative properties.

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    A powerful tool for weight loss. It is used to detoxify the body, cleansing it of toxins and harmful substances.

    1.  The “flying swallow” does not contain laxatives, but at the same time speeds up digestion . The price is about 130 rubles. With prolonged use, it helps to burn subcutaneous fat, improve the digestive system. In the absence of physical activity and nutrition correction, tea will not help to lose weight;
    2.  “Turboslim from Evalar” – one of the most inexpensive teas for weight loss. The main advantage is a delicate aroma, ease of use. It is easily digested, removes harmful substances from the body;
    3.  Tea “Lose Weight” is aimed at regulating the functions of digestion, restoring metabolism. It has a complex on the body. It is forbidden to use during pregnancy, allergies, intolerance to components.
    weight loss

    Tea instead of diet? What experts say about slimming teas

    Let’s try to understand why tea for weight loss acts on our body so quickly, at what cost makes it lose weight. And in order to objectively weigh the pros and cons of such a method of getting rid of excess weight, let us listen to what the doctors say about him.

    Why do we love slimming tea so much?

    It’s just cheap, it’s on sale and quite effective if you need to drop a few pounds in a couple of weeks. And also its manufacturers promise a passing “body cleansing”, and this marketing move leaves us unarmed in front of such a convenient product. And what could be wrong with herbal tea?

    What is in the composition?

    Weight loss teas sold in pharmacies tend to have a similar composition, even if they are in different price categories: usually they all contain laxatives and diuretics. In addition, you can see plants with other properties in the collection. For example, garcinia, which helps to reduce appetite and speeds up metabolism; corn stigmas, which help cleanse the liver and normalize its work.

    Choosing a herbal collection, you need to understand: all plants contained in slimming teas have their own beneficial properties, but there are contraindications that need to be discussed with the therapist. 

    Expert Opinion

    “The fact that many substances are eliminated from the body is already a negative effect,” says pharmacist Lyudmila Balezina-Dudina. – We intervene in nature, using diuretics and laxatives. A man, maybe they don’t need them, but he drinks them. On the packages, they write that the tea contains substances that remove “excess fluid”. Or maybe you do not have excess fluid! This should be determined by the doctor. On a pack of such tea it is not in vain written: “Before use, consult a doctor.” The specialist knows the state of the body and can say whether or not you should take such a remedy.

    More about dietary supplements 

    Means for weight loss are divided into medicines and biologically active food supplements (BAA). Weight loss teas are dietary supplements with laxative and diuretic effects.

    It is important to remember that dietary supplements are not medicines. They are able to make up for the lack of nutrients in the body and become a means of preventing some disorders.

     Typically, such preparations contain small doses of biologically active components – amino acids, minerals, extracts of plants, animals, algae, and so on. And they can have side effects, so it’s better to choose any supplements with your doctor.

    In general, the attitude to dietary supplements is ambiguous: on the one hand, there are actually active drugs, the effect of which is recognized by doctors and pharmacists. On the other hand, there are a lot of questions to biological additives: they do not help everyone, they do not benefit every organism, they have not been studied much.

     In addition, not all of them are registered and verified. Supplements do not have a strict certificate of quality and control, and this is a serious drawback if the consumer wants to be sure of the safety of the product.

    How slimming tea works

    Under the influence of the active substances contained in tea, the absorption of water in the body deteriorates, the substances entering it, both harmful and useful, are weaker absorbed.

     Due to the diuretic effect, the liquid is eliminated from the body, due to which a person loses weight. But pay attention: the fluid is leaving, not the fat. The laxative effect promotes bowel movement, which also reduces kilograms on the scales.

    Expert Opinion

    – Everything necessary is excreted from the body – magnesium, potassium, other elements. We dehydrate the body, and it turns out that the entire metabolism is disrupted, ”said the phytotherapist and doctor of the highest category, Alevtina Russky. 

    In my experience, this often happened: a girl drinks some tea (especially Chinese teas, Vietnamese, from Taiwan), follows a diet. And then she develops anorexia nervosa, and she generally can no longer eat. She ate a piece – and immediately a gag reflex occurs. Therefore, all herbs must be handled with care. 

    People are allergic to some plants. Yes, of course, herbs have few side effects, but they still have – each herb has its own. It is necessary to select a collection taking into account the state of all organs, the whole organism. 

    And each person has his own collection. Suppose the former is obese, and the second is obesity. But the cause in the first case is inactivity, in the second – slagging, and everyone needs to assign an individual herbal collection.

    There are teas that are grown in clean environmental conditions, in Altai, for example. You can trust them but drink the course. It is better to contact a phytotherapist – you will be individually selected for the drug, a course will be prescribed that will really benefit.

    Can you harm tea for weight loss?

    It is important to know: such fees can be addictive. With prolonged use, the body will simply cease to accept standard doses of tea, and they will have to be increased while increasing the load on the internal organs.

     Constantly taking such supplements is not at all safe: plants with a laxative effect can negatively affect the intestinal wall, causing digestive upset, and diuretics make the kidneys work hard.

    Speaking about laxatives in general, their constant and unreasonable use can provoke dehydration of the body and even the development of colon cancer. Some laxatives lead to a lack of potassium in the blood.

    Expert Opinions

    Before you go to the pharmacy and buy tea for weight loss, you need to take tests to make sure that there are no contraindications. And if you decide to take it, then under the supervision of a doctor.

     There are many contraindications: peptic ulcer, hepatitis, pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis and so on. And it’s better if a person decided to lose weight, turn to a nutritionist and lead a healthy lifestyle, ”says gastroenterologist Elena Smolentseva.

    Two drugs are officially registered in the Russian Federation that are used to treat obesity, explains nutritionist Natalya Sycheva. – And then they do not have a direct fat-burning effect, that is, they do not burn fat and do not reduce it in fat cells. One of the drugs reduces the absorption of fats in the intestines, and the other reduces appetite. 

    There are no recommendations that would include the use of teas for weight loss. Laxative tea can act just temporarily and show a figure on the balance, which will then be restored – the weight is reduced not due to adipose tissue, but due to intestinal contents. 

    That is, the contents of the intestine will go away – and the weight will decrease by 1-1.5 kilograms per day. But as soon as we start eating again, the food is digested, the contents of the intestine are replenished, and the weight returns.

    The only plus of such teas is that they reduce the risk of constipation. For example, if a person has constipation, the reverse absorption of toxins begins, which reduces the dynamics in weight loss. And then tea can help. But even this is according to indications: if there is no constipation, then there is no sense in such tea from a medical point of view either.

    Tea for weight loss

    Is there really no easy and completely safe way to lose weight?

    To work on yourself and your body is a lot of systematic work, and sometimes also money expenses – for a nutritionist, a gym, and quality food. Proper nutrition, sports, and a healthy lifestyle are worth a lot.

     At least time and your psychological readiness for such work. Someone turns to a therapist for help, someone to a nutritionist, someone pulls himself together and begins to change his diet, engage in physical exercises. 

    Well, if you still decide to start taking teas for weight loss, consult a specialist you trust. Remember that you are responsible for your health, especially when you prescribe yourself any drug, even dietary supplements. 

    Have you had any experience with weight loss tea? What methods do you prefer to lose weight? Are you interested in topics related to weight loss, good nutrition, and eating disorders? Share your opinion in the comments!


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