Taqueria Mi Pueblo


    Taqueria Mi Pueblo Restaurant, serving traditional Mexican Jalisco-style cuisine, offers a variety of cocktails that are easy to the purse. This is the perfect place for a casual Taco Tuesday.

    Taqueria Mi Pueblo

    This small, family-owned restaurant on South First Street has a wonderful Mexican feel, and the food is good enough to make it worth a visit. It’s also located in the old neighborhood of downtown, and there’s always someone with a great story about why they came.

    Taqueria Mita

    1720 S. Colorado Blvd., Las Cruces


    This taco shop with a tiny drive-thru also has a great selection of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex food. Tasty chilaquiles with homemade chips are the standout item here, and they also have a good selection of tequila, tequila shots, and other spirits.

    Taqueria Mi Pueblo, 7278 Dix Rd, Detroit, Michigan, USA, +1 313 841-3315

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