star cinema grill in your city and how to grill kebabs this summer


    The upcoming World Cup is worrying not only fans but also grill kebab lovers: from the very beginning of spring, rumors have circulated that this summer, due to increased fire safety requirements, barbecues will be outlawed.

    This is not entirely true – you can still grill kebabs. The main thing is to comply with the requirements of the city authorities and common sense, and also to choose the right products for the grill.

    What meat to choose for frying?

    The easiest way is to buy fresh meat in the store and pickle. But in order not to enjoy the mixture of pepper and vinegar the next day, it is better to know the recipe and have some experience in cooking kebabs – which, given the almost six-month winter in our latitudes, not everyone has it.

    The second option is to buy meat that has already been picked in the store. It’s risky: no one can tell you exactly how long it has been in a mixture of mayonnaise and onions, and a vigorous marinade is the best way to hide the fact that the product is “second fresh”.

    The safest and most suitable way for lazy summer days is to get kebabs: trust a trusted supplier – no, not ready meals, but ingredients. The grill menu can be selected and ordered at the Chefmarket grocery set delivery service.

     The choice here is much wider than in a supermarket: in addition to traditional chicken and pork kebabs, for grilling, you can bring dorado with spices, salmon in curry marinade, grilled salads, burgers, and sausages. 

    The origin and path of each ingredient are tracked from the farm to the box in which the courier will bring you selected dishes. You will prepare the marinade for most dishes yourself – according to photoreceptions, so there is no need to doubt the freshness of the products. 

    star cinema grill

    And the thermal packages in which the meat will be delivered can be used on the day off – when you bring an almost ready grill to the place of frying.

    Where exactly is it impossible to fry kebabs?

    The most interesting is where to fry? The law is strict and corrosive in the barbecue issue: everything that is not allowed is forbidden – no one can ever cook barbecue on the balcony of your own apartment, on the roof of the house, in the yard, in a forest glade or in the nearest park, and the World Cup has nothing to do with it.

    Where is it possible?

    The areas where you can put a brazier and have a grill party must meet certain requirements: be located at least 50 meters from residential buildings on a plot of land without dry grass and be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment.

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     Coal can be used to make fire, and the height of the barbecue legs should be at least 30 cm.  A specially equipped points, barbecue can be fried only on the grill, the law prohibits making fire directly on the ground.

    In St. Petersburg and around there are many private recreation centers where you can rent a picnic area: for example, near Dolgoe and Barkovo lakes, in South Primorsky Park, in Sestroretsk, in Zelenogorsk on the territory of the Morskoy Prib boarding house and in Kosovo on the base territory “Youth”. 

    But the authorities of Nizhny Novgorod at the time of the World Cup, alas, generally banned the preparation of barbecue in forests, parks and on land adjacent to agricultural lands. Violators face a fine of 2,000 rubles.

    Where to make a barbecue, if you have nowhere to go?

    Of course, nothing can replace the atmosphere of a picnic in a clearing, but what if there are no barbecue areas nearby and your soul asks for a burger with a smoke? There are several alternatives.

    Aerogrill. This is a small indoor oven equipped with a powerful fan. The beauty of the air grill is that you do not need oil for cooking. On the contrary – all excess fat from the meat will be melted and drained onto a pallet, and you will get juicy sausages or sirloin with a crispy crust.

    star cinema grill

    Electric grill. It can be open and closed, compact or stationary. This is a multifunctional appliance: in an electric grill, they cook meat, poultry, fish and vegetables, as well as pancakes, toasts and even steamed dishes.

    Grill pan. The simplest and cheapest option is a pan with a corrugated bottom, which allows you to cook real steaks on an electric or gas stove. 

    Oil is not required – thanks to the grooves, the products in such a pan practically do not touch its surface. Even if you are indifferent to forest romance, get such utensils – almost any dish cooked in a grill pan turns into a diet one.


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