Home gym equipment (essential for the home in 2020)


    How can you create a home gym? All right. We have collected all the information that users have sent us and here you have a definitive list. You will find all the home gym equipment that you will need to set up your own home exercise area.

    Gym equipment you need

    By answering the question, what are the devices that you need the first thing that we recommend different types of things?

    1. If you have been exercising for a few months, what we can tell you is that it is time for you to level up. For this reason, one of the first thing that we would recommend would be a cheap power cage or if you have more budget you may want a multi-station, although the cage should be sufficient for all levels since with it you can do all the basic exercises if you combine with a bank.
    2. If right now you start there are things you will have to have before buying one of this gym equipment. We are talking about dumbbells and bars that you can do sitting, standing or in different positions without needing much more. Let’s see them in detail:

    Bars with discs

    The bars are the most essential pieces of equipment you can have in your home gym.

    What makes the bars one of the most important gym equipment?

    • They are relatively cheap. You only have to buy the bar once, discs and gradually gain weight. You cannot say the same of those machines that have weight already incorporated.
    • They are extremely versatile. You will not find any machine that can be compared to all the functions you can give a bar. Besides that, you can buy them at a quarter of their price.
    • They are effective in building functional strength and muscle.
    • The straps, cables, and others are broken. However, steel lasts almost all the life you will give it. You just have to be a little careful with the weights and you will never have to buy them.
    • They allow you to move many kilos. I personally love heavy training, but when you go for this you only need one bar.
    • The disks themselves will be great for exercise (you can pretend it is a dumbbell).

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    Dumbbells with discs

    The dumbbells are the second most important option after the bars in this hierarchy. If you prefer these (or you can buy both) they are the most interesting thing you can consider for your home gym. They have many of the same advantages as bars: they are cheap, versatile, functional and last a long time.

    They are great and in fact, I started with them, but personally I consider them slightly less important than the bars. More than anything because as I said, they are somewhat less practical for when you want to put a lot of weight. He thinks that 50kg dumbbells are enough spikes to have a range of motion in some particular exercises.

    Unless you have a very high budget, look like in the offer that I have found before, I recommend those models that can be removed and put the discs easily.

    If you train with fixed dumbbells it will be much harder to gradually increase weight, which is what you want to do, after all, faster or faster. You also have the option of adjustable dumbbells, although with the ones above to start it is going well.

    What else do I need?

    Before you continue with the article, you could honestly buy bars or dumbbells with the offers that we have suggested, and only with this, you could already set up a good home gym.

    Really, they are the most important gym equipment. We could say that with this you occupy 90% of what you are looking for. However, what we are talking about below are interesting elements if you have a little more budget.

    weight bench

    The bank is always a good adhesion to your home gym. But in the case that money and space are somewhat limited, keep in mind to consider the first two that we have mentioned before.

    This gives you many more options in terms of uprisings. Stop starting the chest and can make a much wider journey. In addition to this, you can also be more stable.

    I remember in my beginnings I used a ball of those inflatables and yes, I put my life in danger a few times. These are the best extras you can buy, but consider that some machines already have it included as part of their “all in one”.

    Dual Ab Wheel, Exercise And Fitness Wheel With Easy Grip Handles

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    Dual Ab Wheel, Exercise And Fitness

    Squat cage (rack)

    This is undoubtedly an investment, but it can give you a lot of flexibility and security if you already start loading important weights.

    For example, without the cage in your gym equipment, you would have to take out a Power Clean before doing a Military Press. And somewhat heavy squats would be very difficult to load (to say impossible).

    With one of these cheap power cages, you have the basic exercises covered as long as you have weights and bars covered.

    So we can say that the cage gives you more height to be able to select exercises that can be very worthwhile. With this, you don’t have to worry about exercising without partners with heavy weights.

    For example, having a rack of these does not mean that you are going to try personal records with no one else at home. It is still dangerous and I am definitely against this. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be close to the fault if you handle it well.

    Chin-up bar

    One of the few exercises that you cannot do only with bars or dumbbells are the dominated ones. Unless you have a tree or iron bar on the roof by your house, this becomes unnecessary.

    But in the case that it is not, the dominated ones are an excellent exercise that I personally never leave aside (besides that I am quite good). It is another of the essentials that we recommend.

    As you can see in this store, there are different types of pull-up bars that you can buy in the market. Some can be mounted inside the door of your room, others directly to the wall (the one I have).

    This will be an only personal choice, not that some are better than others. What will only interest you is that you can support your own weight and that it doesn’t bother the location where you decide to put it.

    Other appliances

    Medicine ball. It depends on the type of athlete you are, you want to put it on your list. What can be more functional than lifting 8kg above your head and bouncing it against the ground as hard as you can? And do it again and again. They are perfect for developing explosiveness, besides being quite cheap.

    Grabbing. Surely you sound accessories like Fat Gripz and others. It is simply something that is put on your bar or dumbbell to simulate wider. With this, you have to open your hand more to grab and work your forearm more, but you can honestly make them homemade if you want.

    Mirrors. They are ideal not only to see the good results we are getting with our gym equipment but also to verify that you are doing a good shape. 

    Other machines. We recommend you to look at the comparison that we have linked to you above (or look for it in our blog). Each of them has a slightly different purpose, but you will surely find a model that fits you like a finger-ring.

    Music. Finally, this is something you buy (or not) but that can also be considered as part of your gym. In addition to this, think that as you will be training at home.

    Guide for your home gym

    Let’s see some of the most basic guidelines. Factors to consider when planning to organize something like that.

    What if I have limited space?

    If you see that your problem more than money or other factors is space, then consider buying the dumbbells as gym equipment. No doubt in your case a cage can not enter, and if you see yourself considering a machine forget.

    gym equipment in case you do have space for a machine, it means you have it for a bar and a few discs. If you really are limited in space we remind you again that your priority should be dumbbells and bars in addition to exercises with bodyweight (dominated).

    You are right. A bar that can be stored without problems is one of the best gym equipment that takes up little space. You only need enough space to move weights freely as well as your own body.

    Advantages and disadvantages of home gym

    The biggest advantage of having all these home gym equipment can be summed up in one word: freedom. Having all this at home you have the freedom of the distractions of any commercial gym. Without more people, noise and others. Only you and the steel.

    You have the freedom to train whenever you want, dress as you like, shout as much as you want, put the music to the fullest and exercise without being judged.

    If you have experience with this, you will know that some gyms do not stop doing certain exercises because people doing them end up making a lot of noise. In your house, you are the king or queen. You can treat the equipment as you want.

    Honestly, the only real advantage we can see is that you don’t have anyone to help you in those last repetitions. Spiderman already said: Great power entails great responsibility.

    There is a certain interesting power element with the fact of training in your home gym, but this one comes with these things to consider. No one looks at your back or can call an ambulance. So the only thing left to do is train with your head. But it is something we would tell you to do even if you do it in any of the commercials.

    What gym equipment do you have at home?

    As I have already mentioned, I have one for many years. So that you have an idea of ​​what is composed is the following:

    Multistation. It is one of the most complete that I found, and in the guide where I talk about them I mention these models.

    Bank. It complements the multi-station since the latter has room for the bars so for some exercises I do not need anything else.

    What to consider before buying devices

    The first thing we will tell you is that you trust a bit of the store that we have linked to you. The stores sure sound like you have already bought before.

    The grace is that you don’t need everything, if not you can individualize. Believe it to suit your needs and goals. For this reason, you have searched for information, because you know that no home gym is the same. Here are some of the most common questions when you ask all this.

    What is your training objective?

    You have to ask this question regardless of whether you are riding something on your own or not. As I like to put some punches from time to time I have a punching bag, but this does not mean that you also have to have it true.

    So what is your goal? For example, if you want to gain strength, it is easier for you to focus on buying large disks, bars, and a basic cage rather than machines or the like.

    What do you have available?

    In my case, I will never buy a tape. I simply live in a rural area with lots of space to do things outside. If I were in town it would be another matter, that’s why you have to ask yourself. Similarly consider the role of gym equipment that you can buy to build something cool at home.

    Will you use your gym as an addition to your monthly subscription, or for daily use? If you are already a member, it makes sense that you buy what you cannot opt ​​for at your gym.

    For example, in my case, to which I go sometimes, it does not have everything necessary to do Olympic lifts, so I made sure to buy some bars and discs to do it at home as well as a cage.

    However, it has lots of banks and areas to make breasts, so buying something like that doesn’t end up being a priority for me.

    This is when you have to think of the cheap rubber floor is right, or you should buy some padding to put around. Similarly consider the distance to the ceiling. You just have to consider your circumstances and cover your bases.

    It is safe?

    We have mentioned several times in this article about gym equipment, that although we are very fans of this, one of the bad things is the fact of not having a training partner.

    Although good, it is always possible that you have a family member who wants to help you, but usually, it is not always the case. Some things are just idiots. Do not go to try 10kg of more than your personal record if you are home alone.

    Whatever you plan to do at home, make sure you do it safely under the conditions of your home gym. If you cannot make these movements safely, cross them off the list, as well as with the gym equipment that would support you to develop them.

    Without a doubt, the bar or dumbbell that you would use for exercise X will have more than one use, but this is already common sense.


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